Bringing the best ideas to life

Invest Button is a crowdfunding solution
empowering software and app developers

Proudly supporting
the finalists
of the 2014

Use the official #SASK14 app to vote for and support the best ideas. The official #SASK14 iOS and Android apps have Invest Button included to empower the broad public with a possibility to help bring these awesome ideas to life.

All you need is a Google account & PayPal to do your little bit for a brighter future.

Crowdfunding for the app
& software developer

How it works?


Integrate the Invest Button SDK into
your Android, iOS, WindowsPhone code.

Invest in this app

Anyone who downloads your
app is a potential investor

Sale Revenues

Future sale revenues up to fixed level are split between the developer and the investors.
Measure, understand, and react
How is Invest button different?

  1. Focused on application & software developers
  2. All your app users are potential investors
  3. Drawing further investors via Invest button investor app after first investment / donation
  4. Created specifically for the screen users use most - their smartphone
  5. Reward your supporters with a share on the future sales of your app, up to an amount you choose

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